Our projects focuss on issues of self-organisation and self-management of collective spaces, emerging networks and catalyst processes in urban contexts, resistance to profit driven development, recycling and ecologically friendly constructions, collective production of knowledge and alternative culture. 

kitchen resilience / environmental governance / coop-ecohousing / civic economy/ urban agriculture / local cultural production / locally closed ecological cycles
IdF / Colombes London 2008-15
: City of Colombes, PublicWorks, local NGO, residents
kitchencivic expertise / participative research / collective knowledge production / democratic debates on the city / self-publishing
Paris, Colombes, 2003 to present
: invited speakers and public including residents and neighbors of aaa’s projects
kitchencollective platform / local cultural production/ trans-local dissemination / resilience/ networks production / informal practices
Paris, Istanbul, Sheffield, London, Belfast 2009-10
: PS2, Cultural Agencies, Public Works, Agency Sheffield
kitchen urban self-management / micro-politics / ecology of everyday life / urban recycling / participation / collaborative building / resilience
Paris (SaintBlaise), 2005-2008
: DPVI/ OPAC/ APIJ-bat/ artists, activists, residents of the area
kitchen collective platform / extra-disciplinarity workshops / research action / constituent practices /
Paris, Sheffield, Brussels, 2007-2008
: University of Sheffield, Recyclart, Constant, CityMine(d) (Brussels), Metrozones (Berlin)
kitchen civic expertise on the city / precarious competencies / self-organisation of labour / diffused creativity
Bremen, 2005
: an informal group of local creative activists, Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst (GAK-Bremen)

post-conflict contexts of everyday-life / shared reterritorialisation / conversation device / water as civic driver
Belfast, 2005
Partners: PS2 (Belfast)

kitchen urban self-management / micro-politics / trans-local cultural production / everydaylife ecology / mobile architecture
Paris (La Chapelle), 2001/2006
Partners: Borderphonics, Sheffield University, Bordercartograph, artists, researchers, activists, residents
kitchen self-building / women self-organisation / civic pedagogy and expertise on the city / local economy and recycling / 
Dakar, 2004/2005
: Refdaf & Cité des Femmes (Dakar), University of Sheffield
kitchen mobile urban device / encounter catalyst / alternative use of institutional contexts / eco-design
Berlin, 2003/2004
:  BB3, Osservatorio Nomade, Sprachenatelier, Kurdish Cultural Center Berlin, Asako Iwama, Cocolo and a group of students and artists from Berlin
kitchen migrant dynamics / skills and transcultural creativity / metropolitan “ground-floor”
Paris, 2004/2005
Partners: Stalker-ON(Rome), Oxymorone (Athens), students, crafters and residents with different social and cultural backgrounds
kitchen civic pedagogy and expertise / local skills / local economy / recycling / eco-architecture
Brezoi (Romania), 2001/2002
Partners: RDS, FCDL Brezoi,
University of Sheffield, City of Brezoi, the local gypsy community and local unemployed, residents of Brezoi, students