PEPRAV- European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City

This project, which has been partially funded by the CULTURE 2000 program of the European Union (2006-2007), has ran as an initial partnership between atelier d’architecture autogérée (aaa, Paris), the School of Architecture - University of Sheffield, Recyclart (Brussels) and metroZones (Berlin). The platform formalised a collective critical inquiry into contemporary alternatives to practice and research on the city, and reinforced existing and potential collaborations between groups and individuals dealing with similar issues in different local contexts through a number of meetings and workshops.

The different issues discussed included:
- tools for collective production and shared knowledge on the city (archives, dynamic databases, free software, web research & publications, etc.)
- the role of pedagogy, notably socially engaged and critical pedagogy, in shaping alternative professional practice
- tactical ways of mapping and representation, which free the access to information and allow differential approaches (subjective, collective, inclusive, ethical, etc.)
- institutional critique and alternative spaces for practice and research
- participation and civic expertise on the city
- techniques of action, politics of making and post-colonial critique