Au rez-de-chaussée de la ville

DVD 34′ / atelier d’architecture autogérée 2005

The film is a montage of visual and sound material selected from the ECObox archive and edited by Jan Ralske and aaa.

Text of the DVD cover :
ECObox is a social and urban experiment initiated in 2001 by the Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée / Studio of Self-managed Architecture (AAA) in the La Chapelle area, Paris.

The participants in the project are residents, artists, architects, researchers, activists, students, children, unemployed workers, immigrants, politicians, pensioners, film-makers, landscape-designers, etc.  In April 2005, four years after the beginning of the project, a few hundred people participated actively in trans-local cultural actions, know-how workshops, solidarity networks and local and international projects.

At present, the City of Paris prepares the renovation of the Halle Pajol, the site of the ECObox project. Despite of the local and international recognition of the project and the political commitment within it, the strictly administrative procurement of the renovation process has lead to a series of decisions that tend to provoke the dismantling of Ecobox and of its human infrastructure.



AAA + Jan Ralske

Ecobox Archive

Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu, Denis Favret, Béatrice Rettig, Giada Mangiameli, John Sampson, Jérôme Ayasse, Jean-Baptiste Bayle, Giovanni Piovene, Leila Gharbi, Marina Galimberti and a group of children including Dramé Zeinabou, Fatima Zeinabou, Nimaga Zeinabou, Habibetou, Fatima, Fodié.

Ecobox - Paris



Film et montage
AAA + Jan Ralske