6 avril 2013 / News, R-Urban, R-Urban Residency, Recyclab

Call for Residency /// Eco-Design Eco-Architecture /// Recyclab R-Urban

This is a Call for young teams of architects, designers, artists, students or professionals of ecological building, who are interested in recycling and eco-design and who are keen to develop full scale prototypes within the framework of a civic project in a suburban town near Paris. They should be passionate makers and possibly also fans of… …

25 novembre 2012 / architectural prize, News

Le Prix Zumtobel pour R-URBAN

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que notre projet R-URBAN a reçu le prix Zumtobel Group 2012 pour la Durabilité et l’Humanité dans la catégorie Recherche et Initiative. Dans la catégorie Environnement de construction, le prix a été décerné au MASS Design Group (USA) pour leur projet de l’Hôpital Butaro, au Rwanda.  Le prix est …

4 juillet 2012 / exhibition, News, R-Urban

AAA invited at the Venice Biennale 2012

The Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée’s project R-URBAN is featured in the 13th Architecture Venice Biennale directed by David Chipperfield and titled Common Ground, which will run from 29th August to 25th November 2012. R-Urban is a bottom-up strategy that explores the possibilities of enhancing the capacity of urban resilience by introducing a network of resident-run facilities …

24 mai 2012 / exhibition, News

AAA featured in RE-Architecture at Pavilion d’Arsenal April-Septembre 2012

We have been honoured that our project Passage 56 has be chosen for the ‘official’ poster of Re-Architecture exhibition  Excerpt from the presentation of the exhibition by Alexandre Labasse, Directeur Général du Pavillon de l’Arsenal: ‘ Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal invite quinze agences européennes qui réinterrogent aujourd’hui la fabrique de nos métropoles. Par leurs stratégies …

24 mars 2012 / exhibition, News, publication, R-Urban

Hands-on Urbanism 1850-2012. The Right to Green / Architekturzentrum Vienna / March15th 2012 to June 25th /

The aaa’s project R-URBAN  is one of the projects featured in the exhibition Hands-on Urbanism 1850-2012. The Right to Green, at Architekturzentrum Vienna, March, 15th 2012 – June, 25th 2012, www.azw.at  (Elke Krasny, curator – Alexandra Maringer, scenographer) ”Hands-on / practical, involving action, based on active participation Urbanism / urbanization; the culture and way of life of urban dwellers. Hands-on urbanism, bottom-up urbanism …

6 janvier 2012 / architectural prize, News

Passage 56 / exposition permanente du Pavilion Arsenal Paris Métropole 2020 /

http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/evenement/index.html www.prixpublicarchi.com www.prixpublicarchi.com/projet/passage_56-322.html Le projet  Passage 56  est actuellement inclus dans l’exposition permanente du Pavilion d’Arsenal, qui présente une  sélection des projets représentatifs du Paris Métropole 2020

7 novembre 2011 / architectural prize, News

CurryStone Design Prize 2011 /

L’Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée  a reçu un des CurryStone Design Prize 2011 pour  l’ensemble de son activité. http://currystonedesignprize.com/winners/2011/atelier_d’architecture_autogérée_paris

6 octobre 2011 / architectural prize, exhibition, News

Redirection. Change in architecture_ Lodz Design Festival 2011

Le projet de aaa Passage 56 exposé dans l’exposition Redirection. Change in architecture – dans le cadre du  Łódź Design Festival 2011,  du 20 au 30 October  2011. www.lodzdesign.com/2011/eng www.centrumarchitektury.org http://www.centrumarchitektury.org/przekierowanie_zdjecia___redirection_photos.html#39

21 septembre 2011 / conference, News

Into the Wild / Oyster Seminar 2011 / 30 September Stockholm

aaa gives invited lecture at the Swedish Architecture Association Into the Wild – Oyster Seminar 2011 The Oyster Seminar 2011 explores contemporary landscape architecture that brings the elements and structures of the wild back into the urban context. The seminar omits the glossy coffee table design of static and programmed places, and puts the spotlight …

16 septembre 2011 / News, Uncategorized

100th anniversary event of the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) and the Year of Architecture in Norway / 23 September Oslo

AAA are guest speakers at the 100th anniversary event of the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) and the ‘Year of Architecture’ in Norway. More info here : _AD2011_Program_WEB_NEW-2

1 septembre 2011 / News, Uncategorized

Green Futures / 6-7 September, Norrköping (Sweden)

AAA participates at  the symposium Green Futures – from utopian grand schemes to micro-practices In the last decade of planning and policy making, utopian thought and experimental approaches to the organisation of society and the built environment have been rare. What has instead evolved during recent years is a rather firm consensus around the sustainable society as …

7 août 2011 / News, R-Urban

R-Urban selectionné dans le cadre du programme européen LIFE+ 2010

Le projet R-URBAN de AAA est un des 8 projets français sélectionnés pour l’année 2010 par  la Commission européenne au titre du programme LIFE+  pour gouvernance environnementale. http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/8-PROJETS-FRANCAIS-SELECTIONNES-AU.html Le projet « R-urban »  est un  projet d’environnement urbain axé sur la résilience des villes et leurs capacités à s’adapter à des changement externes (changement climatique, crise économique, pénurie de …

4 juillet 2011 / exhibition, News, publication

Testify! The Consequences of Architecture / 1 July-13 November 2011 / Rotterdam

AAA participates in the exhibition Testify! The Consequences of Architecture at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) which addresses issues of responsibility of architects and architectures in contemporary society. Testify ! presents 25 international projects by different architects, all concerned with addressing these issues. Residents, users and people living near the projects get a chance to have …

16 juin 2011 / News, Uncategorized

(DIS)ASSEMBLED in Röda Sten / 11 june 21 August 2011 / Göteborg

AAA participates in the exhibition (DIS)Assembled in Göteborg. This project is initiated by STEALTH.unlimited for Röda Sten Art Centre. (Dis)assembled is an exercise to explore the potential of assembling and assembly. Or to say it differently, it explores the potential of creating our direct environment and of constituting a society through joining together in conversations, …

1 juin 2011 / conference, debate, News

Recht auf Stadt / 2-5 June 2011 / Hamburg

aaa participate in Recht auf Stadt. Der Kongress, symposium organised by « Recht auf Stadt » (Hamburg) and the Bundeskoordination Internationalismus (BUKO) http://www.rechtaufstadt.net/ http://kongress.rechtaufstadt.net/ .

4 avril 2011 / conference, exhibition, News

The Right to the City

aaa participate in The Right to the City exhibition and symposium organised by Zanny Begg and  Lee Stickells at Tin Sheds Gallery, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney.