16 mars 2009 / conference, debate, News, workshop

Operation : City 2008 – Zagreb

Operation:City 2008 was a series of events that summarizes joint activities of Zagreb’s independent cultural scene in fields of cultural production, urban development, spatial policy, cultural policy and citizen participation

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ZAGREB, 4. 12. – 7. 12. 2008

The Neoliberal Frontline  aimed to reflect on transformations of cities, urban landscapes and urban governance in post-socialist societies in the Eastern Europe at a moment of urgency when the development of cities in those societies increasingly comes under pressure of neoliberal policies and economic overexploitation of space.

Issues discussed : effects of globalization and transition in the context of East-European cities, introduction of neoliberal governance instruments, city-planning policies damaging public interest for the benefit of business, dismantling of process of citizen participation, urban struggles against disfranchisement of citizens and cultural practices contesting privatization of public space.

conference team: Petar Milat (coordinator), Tomislav Medak, Leonardo Kovačević, Marko Sančanin